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EXPLORE Healthcare Summit 2016


With the goal of improving the healthcare industry as a whole and increasing patient safety, PLICO is dedicated to educating its policyholders and their staff on key issues of risk management.
One of the ways PLICO …

TSET Website Redesign


Established by voters, the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) is a state grant-making trust devoted to preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease, Oklahoma’s leading causes of death. By awarding grants to schools, communities, state agencies …

BFO: MustardSeed App



The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma (BFO) and their mission to inspire generosity and goodwill has motivated many families, churches and ministries to support a variety of charitable causes. However, together, BFO and VI felt …

PSO: 2016 Powerful Tips Campaign


Here’s a tip: Consumers will save energy if you show them how.
To keep power reliable and customer rates low, PSO offers energy-efficiency services to residential customers. Previously, PSO promoted rebates for upgrading homes to energy-saving …

PSO: 2016 Starts with a Light Campaign



PSO had ambitious energy-saving goals to meet in 2016, and encouraging businesses to use PSO rebates for upgrading to highly efficient equipment would be a significant step in achieving those goals. A 2015 campaign featured …

TSET Through With Chew Campaign

17267 TSET OTH Through With Chew Social Media_Twitter_Burned_F


Through With Chew Week is an annual, weeklong event focused on encouraging smokeless tobacco users to quit by using the services provided by the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline. In order to encourage Oklahomans to quit during …

TSET History Documentary


In 1998, Oklahoma – along with 45 other states – settled a lawsuit with major tobacco manufacturers over lost revenue as a result of health care costs from tobacco-related illnesses. The landmark settlement, known as …

Bank SNB: Rebrand



Stillwater National Bank was a 100+ year old bank in late 2012 when a new CEO took the helm. The brand’s reputation had been tarnished due to financial difficulties experienced during the recession. The $2 …

TSET: Shape Your Future Healthy Habits Campaign



Oklahoma was well on its way to being the unhealthiest state in the nation. Oklahoma has not only one of the highest childhood obesity rates, but also the sixth-highest adult obesity rate in the nation. …

Bob Moore Infiniti: Truth or Dare Campaign

17101-vi-Case Study-BMI Truth or Dare


Bob Moore Infiniti has been the number one Infiniti dealership in Oklahoma for several years based on yearly unit sales. In early 2014, VI Marketing and Branding was challenged by the general manager at Bob …