Bob Moore Kia Cup

Bob Moore Kia Cup


A major problem that car dealerships have is trying to keep customers/potential customers engaged throughout the three-year period in which the average car buyer is not in the market. When someone isn't in the market for your product, it's much more difficult to get them to pay attention to your marketing efforts. That is why VI Marketing and Branding created the #BobMooreKiaCup Campaign.


  • Receive 50 participants for the promotion
  • Generate 500 engagements from posts/tweets from the public/participants using our displayed hashtag #BobMooreKiaCup and posts to the Facebook page.
  • Send 10 winners to the dealership to pick-up prizes


  • Leverage the popularity of the World Cup and its official sponsorship with Kia using Bob Moore Kia of Edmond and Bob Moore Kia Northwest’s social platforms to house an interactive campaign
  • Take advantage of Bob Moore internal data, as well as Facebook and Twitter data, to reach our targeted demographic on social channels through creation of advanced audience groups and matching internal emails with Facebook accounts
  • Keep users engaged throughout the World Cup with a campaign that involves multiple communications throughout the month-long event
  • Make the barrier of entry into contest very simplistic and fun


  • Create a Facebook app to house all campaign details, updated throughout the World Cup.
  • Generate a list of emails from all previous Bob Moore Kia customers (between 2 to 3 years prior) to input for targeting campaign.
  • Create a Custom Audience through Facebook data targeting of all “In-Market” and “Near Market” Kia buyers – narrowed down to: Oklahoma City+ 25 miles, soccer fans, World Cup fans. With the goal of staying “top-of-mind” to those not yet in the market, we felt it also important to make sure those who were already in-market were aware of the campaign.
  • Actively monitor Twitter and Facebook for conversations in Oklahoma surrounding the World Cup, inviting others to join the campaign


  • The result of the campaign was evident early on as people began to interact immediately. Ninety-seven participants tagged us on Facebook and used our hashtag, which was a 194% increase over our objective.
  • The 500 engagements listed in our objective was surpassed as the final tally came to 1,152 engagements to the Bob Moore Kia of Edmond social account and 1,132 engagements to the Bob Moore Kia Northwest social account, totaling 2,284. The 2,284 engagements were a 456% increase on the objective.
  • 28 of the 97 participants correctly chose a team to make it to the Championship round. This meant that our 10-participant objective received a 280% increase, driving 28 more people to the lots in that month.