Advanced Academics

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 1.27.18 PMA Brief Overview: Advanced Academics is a national leader in online public education. The company partners with school districts throughout the country to provide internet-based education to middle and high school students. It helps districts retain potential drop-out and transfer students. It also provides students with remedial, advanced or alternate coursework. When our companies first partnered in 2006, online education was a little known concept in America’s public school systems. Today, Advanced Academics serves school districts throughout the United States.

Smart Segmentation: The goal of our first campaign was to create demand where none existed. For our plan to work, we had to win buy-in from two distinct segments: Parents, and Students. Not only did these segments have highly specialized needs, they also had unique media habits. Before launching our creative strategy and media buy, we conducted a thorough media audit. Once we understood the targets’ media habits, we were ready to roll.

Reaching Outside the Classroom: Parents and children exhibit strikingly different media habits. For parents, we implemented a full-scale mass media campaign including radio, print, online, direct mail and outdoor components. The younger generation required a completely different approach. For this segment, we developed mall signage and theatre advertising to hit kids during leisure time when they were likely to be gathered in groups. By targeting students during times of social interaction, our goal was to start a conversation among peers. Using social media and interactive web banners, we maximized the online space where today’s teenagers live. And finally, TV and radio helped saturate the demo’s awareness.

Straight “A’s” in Every Market: In every market it enters, Advanced Academics offers a product that is practically unheard of by parents and students. There is no established demand for the company’s product. In light of these factors, Advanced Academics is highly dependent on marketing communications. In our first campaign for the company, we developed a successful formula that has propelled the company to success in market after market. From coast to coast, and even in Alaska, Advanced Academics is delivering topnotch education, creating efficiencies in public school systems and operating a highly successful business. In its first year, the campaign generated an ROI of $2.50 for every dollar invested. Lifetime ROI was more than five to one. We’re proud of the work we’ve done for Advanced Academics. Sure, it’s nice to maximize customer lifetime value. But we’re most proud of changing the lives of our students.