Bob Moore Infiniti: Truth or Dare Campaign


Bob Moore Infiniti has been the number one Infiniti dealership in Oklahoma for several years based on yearly unit sales. In early 2014, VI Marketing and Branding was challenged by the general manager at Bob Moore Infiniti to develop an engaging campaign that would help drive sales at the dealership.


  • To double the sales of the key Infiniti vehicle models (Q50, QX60 and QX80) when compared to Q3 of 2013.
  • To increase digital engagement (time on site, leads through internet sales manager and/or CTR on digital banners)


It was important to position Bob Moore and the Infiniti brand differently when compared to their competitors, including Acura, Lexus, BMW and Mercedes. Bob Moore Infiniti’s strategy was to focus on the appearance of Infiniti vehicles specifically the Q50, QX60 and QX80 and their affordability.


Bob Moore Infiniti took a digital approach to carry out their strategy. A creative campaign was developed around the game of “Truth or Dare?” The concept stretched the car buyers’ imaginations and engaged them in a fun way that built awareness – not just for the Infiniti brand, but Bob Moore as well. A digital display campaign was created that featured 300x250 and 728x90 animated banners. Animated banners were selected because they allowed for the development of more visually appear artwork. Messaging on the dealership Facebook page also matched the Truth or Dare theme.


  • In just 3 months the campaign delivered over 5 million impressions, with 4,738 clicks and more than 2,700 vehicle detail page (VDP) views.
  • During Q3 of 2013 Bob Moore Infiniti had a total of 156 new retail sales of those sales the Q50, QX60 and QX80 accounted for 57 units. The third quarter of 2014 had 192 total new sales, the same models accounted for 124 of those purchases. This is a 70% increase in sales for those particular models.