Examinetics: Website and SEO

Examinetics 1
VI partnered with Examinetics in 2013 for a website redesign project and ongoing SEO campaign. VI started pre-launch SEO initiatives in June 2013 and launched the SEO campaign along with the new website in August 2013.

The objective was to increase traffic and attract qualified leads to the website. We also intended to prompt prospects to submit a “Contact Us” form or call for more information.

Our strategy was threefold:

  • Define the Demographic. In order to better speak to our audience, we had to define who they were. Our demographic consisted of adults 40+ who managed Safety Compliance or Human Resources for factories. We also targeted companies of 50+ employees requiring OSHA and/or MSHA compliance services.
  • Refine Core Messaging. Once the demographics were established and website data analyzed, we refined the core messaging on the Examinetics website to better align with our audience.
  • Optimize the Website for Traffic and Conversions. Finally, we performed keyword research to identify the search behaviors of the target demographic and integrated those keywords into website content and meta tags. We also performed conversion funnel analysis in an effort to improve the process on the website.


  • VI used on-page, off-page and website marketing tactics to accomplish campaign objectives. On-page optimization consisted of keyword research, keyword integration and website code optimization. These initiatives were completed to improve website rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs), which increased targeted organic traffic to the Examinetics website.
  • For off-page optimization, VI completed the following initiatives: inbound link generation via community outreach, local search and business page optimization. These efforts were done to increase the perceived authority of Examinetics’ website and improve both the quality and breadth of information available in SERPs.
  • For website marketing initiatives, VI completed the following activities: competitive analysis, website content refresh, event tracking and conversion analysis. Each activity was done to improve user experience, content quality and the conversion funnel.


  • Increased total leads by 48.4% compared to 2012
  • Increased website form submissions by 88.3% compared to 2012
  • Increased traffic by 162.5% compared to 2012
  • Ranked in top 10 results of Google for multiple keywords
  • Decreased website bounce rate by more than 20%
  • Increased pages per visit by over 1 page per visit
  • Increased Search Traffic by 15.1% compared to 2012