St. Anthony Hospital Spine Outdoor Oklahoma City

St. Anthony Hospital

What Matters MostA Brand on Life Support: At 106 years old, the St. Anthony Hospital brand was “old and tired” according to research polls and focus groups. Competitors were using sizeable marketing budgets to promote shiny, new facilities and to own various specialties such as oncology, cardiology and patient diagnostics – the very specialties St. Anthony was seeking to dominate. The situation was bleak. The budget was small.

Our Prescription for a Comeback: First, we sought to understand the hospital’s core competencies and key points of differentiation. We discovered that St. Anthony had developed proprietary processes to enhance and simplify patient experiences. Furthermore, they were investing in new operating suites, adopting Cyberknife technology to treat inoperable tumors, and performing numerous capital improvements. These synergistic assets were upgrading patient experiences and outcomes.

A Shot in the Arm Utilizing a full-spectrum media mix, we re-positioned St. Anthony as the market leader in medical competence and technology. First, we launched a re-branding campaign to enhance the hospital’s overall image. Next, we rolled out a follow-up campaign promoting Cyberknife technology – a one-of-a-kind treatment in the Oklahoma City market.

Vital Statistics: After just one quarter, independent researchers polled the public and found staggering results. Favorable consumer opinion of the brand improved 23 percent. After four quarters, that number jumped to 36 percent. Eighteen months after the campaign began, researchers again polled consumers.

Here’s what we found:

  • 43 % increase in best cardiac care ranking
  • 71% increase in highest quality of care ranking
  • 83 % increase in best staff of doctors ranking
  • 108% increase in hospital respondents would choose 
if they had to be hospitalized
  • 120% increase in best nursing staff ranking
  • 300% increase in best cancer treatment and care ranking
  • 400% increase in modern facilities ranking
  • 466 % increase in up-to-date technology ranking

A New Lease on Life:

The campaign we executed for St. Anthony was creative. But creativity for its own sake ignores strategic potential. At VI, strategy comes first and creativity follows. The St. Anthony re-branding campaign balanced each of these components to improve St. Anthony’s position within the market.