TYCO Electronics Power Systems

The Only Additional Fiber You'll Ever NeedThe Challenge: In the early 2000s, cable companies began encroaching upon the telcom sector. By offering customers the “triple play” - voice, data and video in a single package - cable companies were attracting customers away from established telcom providers.

The Hard Reality: There was no way around it. If telcoms wanted to compete with cable carriers, they had to formulate a triple play of their own. There was just one slight problem. They didn’t have the infrastructure to pull it off.

That’s where our client, Tyco Electronics Power Systems, comes in.

Tyco developed an innovative technology known as Fiber to the Node (FTTN). It was simple and inexpensive to deploy. And it empowered telcoms to compete toe-to-toe with cable companies. But Tyco had a problem of its own. Telcoms didn’t know the technology existed.

And that’s where we entered the picture.

To profit from their new technology, Tyco needed to reach decision makers in the telcom industry. And just like decision makers in every other industry, the telcom guys were fed up with sales pitches.

The Strategy: Hit the telcom guys from a totally unexpected angle. Sell them on FTTN before the word “no” could enter their brains.

The Campaign: We’ve got to hand it to our creative team. They took the fiber theme and created a multimedia campaign based around high-fiber foods such as granola and nuts. Our tagline was “The only additional fiber you’ll ever need” - exactly the kind of thing you wouldn’t expect to find in a telcom trade publication. We even sent out huge cans of granola mix to telcom executives.

The Results: The Tyco Electronics Power Systems website got more hits than it had during any other product launch in its history. Every time a direct mail piece went out, every time our ads ran in industry pubs, Tyco experienced a huge surge in web traffic.

The Partnership: The FTTN product launch was so successful, Tyco enlisted our services to roll out a variety of new technologies. When the division was purchased by a private equity firm in 2007, the new ownership decided to retain our services. We created the corporate ID package for the new company, and helped give it a new name - Lineage Power. We’re proud to be a strategic partner with Lineage Power, and we continue to represent them to this day.