Google “secures” data, explanation (not provided)

In response to growing public concerns of Internet security, Google moved to “secure” search data for its users by removing keyword data from search referral strings. This change comes after The Guardian and The Washington Post published controversial details on the NSA’s PRISM program. Refuting allegations the company allowed the NSA access to its secure […]

Sustaining a Successful Business Includes Knowing Everything About Your Competition

Most companies don’t take the time to truly think about their competition, and that’s a huge mistake – and a potential risk of your customers flocking to competitors for something you weren’t aware of. When it comes to your competition, there are four issues to think about: – Who are your local competitors that are […]

The First and the Last

I’m a list hound. Riddled with ADD from birth, I dig information delivered in memorable, bite-sized chunks. Top 5s, 10s, Rankings, Best and Worst. Can’t get enough. So for all you fellow list-ophiles, here are some noteworthy first and lasts happening during Super Bowl week.  First: Super Bowl for Colin Kaepernick – the 49ers sensational […]

Holidays and the way we shop…

Follow Chad Keffer on Twitter at @AppMonkey1  Every year around the holiday season I reflect on how far we’ve (as consumers) come in the way we shop and purchase gifts. I remember when shopping online was a risky gamble in which your personal information could be compromised. As we approach the 2012 holiday shopping season […]

All That Glitter Is Not Gold

People in the media business know that research gathered from local stations, regardless of medium, are without a doubt skewed to show that particular station or group of stations in the best light possible. That leads us to the question is that good selling or is that just misleading? If I were selling a car […]

Why Ask Why

I can confidently state that people watching is one of my favorite past-times. It’s not just the hilarity of the public’s appearance and actions that peak my curiosity, but the actual thought process that led up to their choice, decision or action.   I recently witnessed someone dip their finger  and taste every single salad dressing […]

Good News for TV, Marketing Dilemma For You

A recent research study by Nielsen revealed that the decline in television viewing has leveled off while other media continues to rise in usage. This means a few things: 1) Television is not dying (it never was) 2) Overall media consumption is on the rise. Much of the average person’s free time today is being […]

Online Habits of Mothers

According to the Marketing to Moms Coalition, e-mail is the #1 online activity by mothers with children under age 18 — a full 85% do so. No surprise there, but some other media habits in the report include: • Overall, full-time working moms use technology at the highest rates. • The cell phone is the […]


OfficeMax just announced that they have come to realize that women are the primary purchasers of office supplies and are redefining their target as females 28-45. Choose your favorite comment about this discovery: A. And they also found out their products are used mostly in offices. B. Women work? C. Who did they think was […]

The First Recession Marketing Study

For almost a year, we’ve harped on the opportunity that exists for the aggressive marketer in a down market. This recession now has its first case study. Wal-Mart increased spending $300 million in 2008, according to TNS, who measures ad spending nationally. The result: Same store sales GROWTH of 2-3%. Evidence also shows that Wal-Mart’s […]