Death by Customer Survey: Missing a Key Opportunity to Grow Your Business

Are you planning to implement a customer satisfaction survey with the obligatory 15 questions that don’t really get to the root of what you’re trying to find out? Before you start, consider that a large percent of your customers don’t want to participate in a long drawn-out survey, answering questions that don’t quite make sense […]

Traditional Target Demographics Are Irrelevant

Last month we asked if you felt that there was a significant difference between a man born in 1954 and a woman born in 1983. 98% agreed that the difference is great…….. For years, our media department has criticized traditional demographic cells as irrelevant. Looking at one of the most common (translation: wrong) demos, persons […]

Customer Satisfaction: The Best, The Worst, and What it Mans to Your Business

You may recall from our November ’07 issue of Good Vibrations that we suggested that Braum’s could drastically improve their sales by merely providing better customer service.  Here’s validation to that sentiment: The University of Michigan’s Customer Satisfaction Report for 2007 reveals that despite the slowdown in the economy, customer satisfaction levels are holding at […]