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Online Reputation

You Are in Control of Your Online Reputation

Businesses should never underestimate the cost of a poor reputation. And although that has always been so, it is even more so in today’s business world where online reputation management […]

4 Steps to Having a Productive Brainstorm

Brainstorming seems like such a simple concept, just pull a few people into a room with a white board and start throwing out ideas, right? It’s not always that easy. […]

How Twitter’s Unique Features Get You More than Views

Sometimes it’s easy to view Twitter as just another way to promote an existing campaign, but don’t underestimate its power to be the driving force behind something amazing. In a […]

How to Generate Big Ideas in the Creative Thought Process

Whether you work at a marketing agency or a law firm or an oil drilling company, creativity is a part of your daily life. And it isn’t a linear process. […]

Updated Features: Using Pinterest for Business in 2015

So you’re a marketer on Pinterest and you either have access to Promoted Pins or you are on Pinterest’s waiting list – maybe you’re not sold on the idea quite yet. Well, according […]

4 Steps to Improve Website Performance Using A/B Testing

Not sure where to place the call-to-action button on your new landing page to increase engagement? Or are you wondering what email design will result in a higher click through […]

Reach Your Demographic With Advanced Media Research

I owned encyclopedias growing up. This is not important outside of the fact that until I reached high school the internet wasn’t something I thought of for research. It wasn’t […]

Marketing Objectives Should be Measurable

I consider myself to be a competitive person. Perhaps too competitive in some instances. As a kid, I couldn’t practice free-throws without tracking what percent I hit. As a waiter, […]

Periscope vs. Meerkat: The Answer to Social Live Broadcast?

Twitter brushed off Meerkat last week and released their live streaming app Periscope to the masses, eclipsing the market Meerkat was carving out for itself. Sadly, Meerkat is like the popular […]

Linkedin Strategy for Your Business

Why should your company have a presence on LinkedIn? Buyers are 50% more likely to purchase from a company they follow on LinkedIn, and 80% of LinkedIn members want to […]