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The VIth Sense – Sonic Really Good at What They Do Really Good

I believe that Sonic is a great marketer. Not because of their television spots, which have been met with mixed reviews. Not because of their outdoor ads either, although I […]

The VIth Sense – Sales are Good so It’s Not a Priority

I love the food at Braum’s. Love the ice cream. Crave the hamburgers. Even think that the grocery items are better than anywhere else locally. In fact, I appreciate their […]

Sponsorships are Greatly Misunderstood

For most organizations, sponsoring an event means little more than making a donation. A non-profit organization brings in a speaker, has an exhibit, or holds a golf tournament and sends […]

The VIth Sense – Harold’s Clothing Hanging on by a Thread

Harold’s Clothing Stores, an Oklahoma institution, is in a real mess and can’t seem to find their way out. In the past quarter, same quarter sales were down again, and […]