A team of collaborating specialists

To effectively meet your strategic marketing challenges, your best bet is a team of marketing specialists with expertise in integrated marketing communications. Only then can their solution be on-target. And ideally, that team has individuals who have deep experience in marketing techniques and brand building so that you’re getting the best of the best. Deep and wide, that’s our model. The result is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. And that’s pretty darn great.


We never guess.  And we never let an idea drive strategy.  Ideas wear out.  Strategy based on research lives on.  Our work is a collaboration with our clients, driven by strategic marketing veterans with decades of experience.


Forget what you know about branding.  We’ve been perfecting our Brand Dig™ process since we were among the earliest adopters of branding, sometime around 1999.  If you think of logos and taglines when branding comes up- we can open your eyes to the real value of a brand.  And help you position yours where it is truly desirable.  After all, people don’t buy products any longer.  They buy brands.


Advertising is barely a part of our vocabulary today. It represents a one-way conversation with the consumer. Just the kind of messaging that consumers DON’T respond to. Paid media, on the other hand, is a valuable part of a marketing program that engages the consumer and converts them into a legitimate lead.


VI has specialists in every digital discipline. We include digital marketing efforts into every plan that we develop. The main reason - because that’s where your consumer spends a great bit of time. Throw in the ability to track results, and revise tactics based on those results and you are close to the marketing holy grail. We make digital strategies work hard for our clients every day. We’re doing it now, aren’t we?


When you were founded as a media shop, you better be great at it. VI has specialists in both traditional and digital media disciplines. Today, they collaborate with creative personnel, social media staff and digital strategists to develop their plans. It’s a new world and it requires a new approach. We’re happy to lead.


Still wondering how to make social media pay off for you? Not us. Our team of dedicated social media specialists has mastered this tremendous engagement tactic. Coupled with strategic marketing programs, social media efforts help to support brand positions, manage brand reputations and convert prospects to paying customers. We utilize trained public relations personnel to execute our social media campaigns so that our clients can be assured that a professionally trained spokesperson is dealing with anything that comes up online.


What’s changed in PR?  Let’s start with…. almost everything.  With news organizations desperate for good content, PR practitioners have more opportunities and more responsibilities.  What hasn’t changed?  Our reliance on relationships.  So ask around about us.   We’re bold, but respectful.  Creative, yet know our boundaries.  At the end of the day is ROI- getting measurable value for your public relations dollar.  We prove that every day.


If everybody wants to skip ads, about 3,000 times per day... And, media properties are looking for non-traditional revenue... And, content is difficult and expensive for them to develop each day... And, brand differentiation is key to marketing... What’s the solution? You begin addressing the challenge and developing programs to exploit the opportunity. We did that almost 10 years ago with the development of Collision Marketing™. Today, media properties across the country market our invention to their clients. But, not quite like the master…


Modern day Yellow Pages? Maybe. The most relevant ad you can buy? Definitely. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which includes Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are a marketer’s dream. And, we have digital specialists that handle search campaigns and only search campaigns. But, the real key is converting those searches into clicks, and the subsequent web traffic into leads. Search is relatively effective as a stand-alone tactic, but beautiful when part of a strategic marketing program.


Content is king in modern marketing campaigns. And, you better be quick with the concepts and even faster with execution. That means an in-house staff of creative production personnel. Video, audio, editing, digital, copy, photography, illustration and origami.