What Is the Difference Between Sponsored Content and Native Advertising?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “Content is king.” In fact, it was Bill Gates, way back in 1996, who first stated that fact in an article he wrote of the same name. Now almost twenty years later, we can see that Bill Gates’ prophecy has indeed come true. When Google introduced its “Hummingbird” […]

Stop Filtering Instagram Out From Your Business

Instagram has been around long enough to be a familiar platform with both personal and professional use. It’s like a perpetual art gallery from the mundane, the selfie, incredible photography, artwork and so much more. Now, it’s positioning itself as a multimedia platform that showcases even more content like videos and increasingly dynamic advertising features. […]

Why Humor Isn’t Always Funny in Advertising

My parents used to love Bob Hope. Thought he was the funniest man alive. Full confession – I never thought he was funny. On the other hand, I love Steve Martin, Monty Python and Jim Gaffigan. While my kids think all of them are relatively amusing, they prefer more outrageous, sometimes shocking, humor. “Fail” online […]

The Value of Live Sports in Television Advertising

Working in media planning and buying I was forced to realize something I had rejected my whole life – sports are important and valuable. While time-shifted viewing continues to rise, sports are viewed live 99% of the time. This makes it a highly coveted area for advertisers. This year marked a new venue for advertisers […]

I want to be on TV!

“Is Traditional Advertising Dead?” This was the topic of discussion at a recent ad industry luncheon where I was a panelist along with three other agency media directors. We were asked to discuss our opinions and rationale on a series of predetermined industry questions/quotes. As soon as the discussion commenced, it was immediately apparent to […]

The Value of a Super Bowl Ad

Remember the Master Lock television spot where they fire a bullet through a lock and it stays closed? The tagline was Tough Under Fire. That spot ran once per year, only during the Super Bowl. What else do you need to know? OK, maybe you don’t remember it and that example is a bit outdated […]

How Super Bowl Advertising Has Changed the World

I believe in firsts. First to market. First to break a story. First time to do something. It’s good to be first. During this week of Super Bowl hoopla, I’d like recognize the first commercial to launch a marketing and advertising phenomenon: Apple’s 1984. Prior to SB XXVIII, advertisers largely ran regular commercials during the […]

7 Marketing Predictions for 2015

As a kid, I always wanted to play cards with a deck that included the Joker. We used it as our wildcard, meaning that we could determine it to be whatever card you wanted it to be. Some might say that the Joker leveled the playing field, giving lesser players a chance at the game. […]

Old School Tactics are Ridiculousness

There’s a show on MTV that I like to watch – it’s called Ridiculousness. It’s a modern day video bloopers show. Along with the host, Rob Dyrdek, I often find myself asking ‘What did you think was going to happen?’ I wonder if they really thought it through before ice skating behind an ATV, or […]

(Social) Holiday Promotions Done Right

As the holidays are about to ho ho hose down every magazine, newspaper, television and digital channel with promotions, coupons, specials and deals – retailers will always have the same thought, “I hope this works.” Certainly specials and coupon ideas have made their way to the drawing board in brainstorming sessions (from people who are […]