“Going Mobile” response for Twitter user – @7mediagroup

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We were asked a question from Ron Cariker (@7mediagroup) on Twitter, “What’s @thevibrand thoughts on mbl w/ ur clients?” (In reference to a SMS campaign by Do Something – I took the discussion to VI Marketing and Branding’s Media Group Leader Renee Harriman: We love mobile. It’s often touted as the next big thing! […]

The Making of a YOUtilities Challenge

Colorado Springs Utilities YOUtilities Challenge, Facebook, Contest

How did we take a subject that is not overly sexy and convince a community to become consumer advocates for said subject? The answer was an eight-week multi-faceted marketing campaign called the “YOUtilities Challenge” and created by VI Marketing and Branding for Colorado Springs Utilities. This campaign included various parts, with the most important being […]

3D-Type Animation in Cs5

3D Type, Adobe Illustrator Cs5, Animation Video

VI Marketing and Branding’s Creative Artist Preston Herring demonstrates how to make 3D-Type animation using CS5 (Creative Suite 5) on vector.  If you have any questions, comments or other demonstration ideas we can help you with, please leave them in the comments section. (Source:

Seeing Google for more than just search: Google+ Business Page Launch

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The highly anticipated Google+ business pages launched yesterday and the world wants to know How is Google+ different than Facebook? I’ve gotten this question many times as I have championed Google+ since it’s launch back in June. Mostly I’d say something along the lines of ‘Google is finally adding a connection from all of its […]

Social Media doesn’t have to be a “venting” venue

Online Complaints, Frustrated, Pulling Out Hair

Reactive. Not the best way I would describe how a company should setup its social media strategy. I’m sure that Linkedin has social media strategies that go way beyond just being reactive but recently, that was my experience in my communication efforts with this primarily online company. I had a couple questions/issues that I needed […]