4 Steps to Improve Website Performance Using A/B Testing

Not sure where to place the call-to-action button on your new landing page to increase engagement? Or are you wondering what email design will result in a higher click through rate? Implementing A/B testing is a great way to put into action two different creative designs and let the data you gather help drive your […]

Research and Analytics: How Smart Is Your Agency?

Over the past few months, I’ve read multiple articles and have actively participated in the buzz surrounding research, analytics and data-driven results regarding advertising and marketing campaigns. As the digital realm of advertising and marketing continues to burgeon and advance, ad agencies, marketing firms and specialty shops are scrambling to find their place in a […]

The Bane of SEO’s Existence

Search engine optimization is dead. At least, that’s what critics, naysayers and haters would tell you. Each time there’s a major algorithm update, they all jump at the opportunity to stir up some controversy. SEO is not dead, however. In fact, SEO is very much alive and well. That’s not to say that SEO hasn’t […]