How Super Bowl Advertising Has Changed the World

Super Bowl XXVIII

I believe in firsts. First to market. First to break a story. First time to do something. It’s good to be first. During this week of Super Bowl hoopla, I’d like recognize the first commercial …

What Exactly is Apple Hoping to Accomplish?

Apple iPhone

Apple’s new releases Tuesday just added to the running commentary in my head about how far technology will go to make us comfortable sharing even our most intimate information. At VI, it’s an important consideration, …

Your Tablet is Growing

Responsive Web Design for Smart Phone and Tablet Users

Tablet sales increased in 2013 to 76.8mm units sold. There are now 227 million tablets in use in the USA.

The Android OS made up 62% of 2013 sales, by various manufacturers. Apple was the largest …

Christmas Is The Season For Brand Loyalty

Forbe's 2013 top brands list

Christmas is upon us, and tis the season when we all turn to our favorite brands. Forbes came out with it’s most valuable brands of 2013 list this week, and who’d have thought it, a …

The Social Network: Anti-Social Marketing

anti-social mobile apps facebook girl date

Google. Apple. Nike. Coca-Cola. In my opinion, these brands knock social media out of the park. They make me want to behave differently. Google inspires me to go out and explore. Apple inspires me to …

Super Bowl Ads Worth $4 Million Dollars a Pop? Hell Yeah


Written By VI Marketing and Branding’s PR Director Larry “Mac” McAlister
Four million dollars is a lot of cash to spend for 30-seconds of airtime no matter how you look at it. It almost seems unimaginable, …

Social Media Explosion

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These past few months the technological capabilities offered to enhance social media have exploded.

Three to four years ago, we were blown away by the smooth customizable options offered on MySpace (you mean we get to …