The Best and Worst Rebrands of 2014

2014 saw the “rebranding” of several major consumer companies. From carb-loaded restaurant concepts to antiquated technology retailers. It’s apparent that there are just as many sophisticated marketers successfully repositioning companies, as there are people who still don’t understand the difference between a new logo and a revised brand. Here are some examples of brands that […]

Why Storytelling Matters to Your B2B Audience

Why Story Telling Matters to B2B Audience

Regardless of the marketing mix for business-to-business brands in 2014, storytelling is a common theme that reigns as marketers strive to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Psychology has confirmed that stories break the barrier of intellectual defenses, and to humans, a good story is received as a gift. However, it’s easier said than done, […]

Hip To Be Square

Branding and Logo Design

I love to discover new, cool web tools, and see emerging technologies being used to craft really great user experiences. I get excited when I see things like the Arcade Fire and Google Experiment and think, “I wish I had built that!”. There is a web platform called SQUARESPACE that I use periodically that is […]