The Late Night Letterman List: Does Your Company Have One?

Dave Letterman, Top 10 List, Company Elevator Speech

The late night master’s trademark can be used as a great corporate exercise on positioning and differentiating your business in the marketplace. 

Developing your own list helps your company answer one of the most difficult business …

Fix-A-Leak Week! Colorado Spring Utilities educates on water conservation

Fix a Leak Week, Colorado Springs Utilities, Showerhead

Colorado Spring Utilities,  Fix-A-Leak Week wrap-up

The 2012 Fix-a-Leak Week event was a great success. VI Marketing and Branding worked with Colorado Springs Utilities to create an event that would educate Colorado Springs customers about water …

Seeing Google for more than just search: Google+ Business Page Launch

Google+, VI Marketing and Branding

The highly anticipated Google+ business pages launched yesterday and the world wants to know How is Google+ different than Facebook?

I’ve gotten this question many times as I have championed Google+ since it’s launch back in …

Social Media Explosion

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These past few months the technological capabilities offered to enhance social media have exploded.

Three to four years ago, we were blown away by the smooth customizable options offered on MySpace (you mean we get to …