Casey Cornett

Facebook: 2013 will be a lot of the same. Hold on tight.

Facebook 2013, Good and Evil

Facebook had a huge year, with the implementation of mandatory Timeline, Stock IPO launch, Promoted Posts, privacy changes, acquiring Instagram, analytics overhauls, paid private messages, new email address for everyone ( and a new FB mobile app, yet all this wasn’t enough (or was it too much?). I agree with the article posted by Chris Taylor at […]

Google Play – New Addition to Google Repertoire

Google Play, New Feature, Android

  Google has added a new tool to their menu, ” Google Play.” Google has constantly updated its empire with new features, many of which stick around and change the way people using online technology and also many features that have completely flopped. One thing I have noticed, however, is Google’s latest trend of connecting […]

Preparing for social media presentations

I have been asked (and participated) in numerous social media speaking opportunities. This is not to say I am headlining major conventions or anything, but speaking to groups and participating on panels on the workings of social media. I will be making three speeches in the coming weeks and having thoughts that it might grow […]

Seeing Google for more than just search: Google+ Business Page Launch

Google+, VI Marketing and Branding

The highly anticipated Google+ business pages launched yesterday and the world wants to know How is Google+ different than Facebook? I’ve gotten this question many times as I have championed Google+ since it’s launch back in June. Mostly I’d say something along the lines of ‘Google is finally adding a connection from all of its […]

The Google Buzz kill

Google, Google Buzz, Buzz Kill

This past weekend, we bid a grand farewell to the let down that was Google Buzz. If you are unfamiliar with Google Buzz, just imagine any successful and engaging social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but take away the “successful and engaging” part and presto… When Google Buzz was first released back on […]