All Through the House

T’was the day of Christmas And all through the house, Every person was playing But not with a mouse. With iPhones in hand And batteries on 90(%) The social apps come out, And people think, “Tweet Randy.” With eyes on their screens And words in their throats The mouths will not open Not a word […]

Data: Your Favorite Christmas Gift

Data is should be your favorite Christmas gift this holiday season.

When I was a kid, I always got my dad the perfect gift.  Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, it didn’t matter.  I know because he would say, without fail “Oh wow, it’s just what I wanted.” You know what Santa is bringing you this Christmas?  Data, and lots of it.  And that’s just what you want […]

Christmas Ads Traditions All Their Own

Always Coca-Cola Polar Bear Christmas Ad

I’ve known advertising was the field I wanted to go into since high school. The exact reasons have changed over time but the overall interest in the power of advertising remains the same. One of my favorite times of year for advertising is the holidays. It is a time when advertisers can capitalize on the […]