Why Humor Isn’t Always Funny in Advertising

My parents used to love Bob Hope. Thought he was the funniest man alive. Full confession – I never thought he was funny. On the other hand, I love Steve Martin, Monty Python and Jim Gaffigan. While my kids think all of them are relatively amusing, they prefer more outrageous, sometimes shocking, humor. “Fail” online […]

The Value of a Super Bowl Ad

Remember the Master Lock television spot where they fire a bullet through a lock and it stays closed? The tagline was Tough Under Fire. That spot ran once per year, only during the Super Bowl. What else do you need to know? OK, maybe you don’t remember it and that example is a bit outdated […]

How Super Bowl Advertising Has Changed the World

I believe in firsts. First to market. First to break a story. First time to do something. It’s good to be first. During this week of Super Bowl hoopla, I’d like recognize the first commercial to launch a marketing and advertising phenomenon: Apple’s 1984. Prior to SB XXVIII, advertisers largely ran regular commercials during the […]

The Best and Worst Rebrands of 2014

2014 saw the “rebranding” of several major consumer companies. From carb-loaded restaurant concepts to antiquated technology retailers. It’s apparent that there are just as many sophisticated marketers successfully repositioning companies, as there are people who still don’t understand the difference between a new logo and a revised brand. Here are some examples of brands that […]

Super Blah Week

This past week, I have attempted to have the same media consumption habits that I have every week.  It has been a little experiment to see if I noticed which of the brands that are advertising in the Super Bowl were promoting their spots in what manner:  social media, PR, teaser spots, etc.  Of course, […]

111 Million Viewers is Nice, but PRing the Ads Provides Real Value

VW Get Happy Commercial, 2013 Super Bowl Ads, Super Blog Week, PR Game

Back in the day – five to 10 years ago – companies used to spend $1.5-2.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl spot in hopes it made enough of an impression to be the office water-cooler talk the next day. Now Super Bowl ads have campaigns. And we all know that public relations drives campaigns. […]

Hearts Racing, Panties Wadded Under Pressure of Super Bowl Ads

Volkswagen rolled out one of the most popular, and widely viewed Super Bowl ads of all time with its “The Force” ad featuring a cute kid as a mini-Darth Vader two years ago. This year, VW is delivering a completely new concept in a one-minute spot that with the price of commercial airtime, the cost […]

Is Volkswagon’s Super Bowl Ad Racist?

Get Happy, Volkswagen Superbowl Spot

During Super Blog week, we’re examining Super Bowl marketing through various prisms: technological, creative, demographic, and more. Today, we’ll take a look at the politics of race surrounding Volkswagon’s new Super Bowl ad. First, a disclaimer: As a strong advocate of improved race relations, I believe absolutely in the need for mutual sensitivity and understanding […]

Gambling on the Super Bowl

Captive Audience, Super Blog Week, Super Bowl, XLVII, Gamble

For years now, we’ve been writing about the importance of placing Television ads in live programming to avoid the DVR. With over 111.3 million viewers last year, the Super Bowl is obviously the ultimate opportunity to take advantage of a captive audience. That said, the question isn’t whether or not people are going to see […]

Are Super Bowl Ads Really That Super?

Super Blog Week, Super Bowl, Gazillion, Steve Sturges

Do you really like the Super Bowl ads? Really? No, this is not another blog about why I think Super Bowl ads are so “super”. Or my top 10 Super Bowl ads of all time. Like most of you, I watch the commercials during the SB every year with the hope and expectation that I’ll […]