Do You Own Technology or Does Technology Own You?

Do you own technology or does technology own you? One of my favorite things to do is to walk through our office and talk marketing with our smart staff. One day last week, I got sucked into a discussion on technology, the many benefits and corresponding evils. As a marketer, it pays to pay attention […]

The Making of a YOUtilities Challenge

Colorado Springs Utilities YOUtilities Challenge, Facebook, Contest

How did we take a subject that is not overly sexy and convince a community to become consumer advocates for said subject? The answer was an eight-week multi-faceted marketing campaign called the “YOUtilities Challenge” and created by VI Marketing and Branding for Colorado Springs Utilities. This campaign included various parts, with the most important being […]

3D-Type Animation in Cs5

3D Type, Adobe Illustrator Cs5, Animation Video

VI Marketing and Branding’s Creative Artist Preston Herring demonstrates how to make 3D-Type animation using CS5 (Creative Suite 5) on vector.  If you have any questions, comments or other demonstration ideas we can help you with, please leave them in the comments section. (Source: