Oh behave.

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I like my showers how I like my women. Long-lasting and piping hot. Once I step inside the warmth of the shower, it’s hard to step out. The relaxing water makes me want to stay there forever. So most times I do. Well, for like 15 minutes. When the water turns lukewarm, that’s when I […]

Fix-A-Leak Week! Colorado Spring Utilities educates on water conservation

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Colorado Spring Utilities,  Fix-A-Leak Week wrap-up The 2012 Fix-a-Leak Week event was a great success. VI Marketing and Branding worked with Colorado Springs Utilities to create an event that would educate Colorado Springs customers about water conservation, fixing leaks and saving money by being active in conservation habits. The idea of this event was also […]

The Making of a YOUtilities Challenge

Colorado Springs Utilities YOUtilities Challenge, Facebook, Contest

How did we take a subject that is not overly sexy and convince a community to become consumer advocates for said subject? The answer was an eight-week multi-faceted marketing campaign called the “YOUtilities Challenge” and created by VI Marketing and Branding for Colorado Springs Utilities. This campaign included various parts, with the most important being […]