How to Generate Big Ideas in the Creative Thought Process

Whether you work at a marketing agency or a law firm or an oil drilling company, creativity is a part of your daily life. And it isn’t a linear process. Sometimes you’ve gotta move sideways to forge ahead. Just a few weeks ago I was working on a project. The client knew exactly what they […]

3 Ways to Take Creativity

You aren’t creative are you? Depending on how you read that question, it’s either challenging, demeaning or confirming. So, how do you read it? Let me take these three possible perceptions, one at a time.  Let’s assume you were challenged by this line. You read it as such: You aren’t creative ARE you? Well, you would fall […]

Misconception: Creativity = Artistry

Who is the most creative person you know? Take a second and think about it. Recently I attended the HOW Interactive Design Conference in lovely San Francisco and in one of our sessions we were asked this question. I’ll tell you I immediately thought of our very own Kregg Lee. The dude can flat out […]