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How My Kids Make Me a Better Creative Director (Even Though They Don’t Know It)

How My Kids Make Me a Better Creative Director (Even Though They Don’t Know It)

How My Kids Make Me a Better Creative Director (Even Though They Don’t Know It)
I've realized that every part of being a mom makes me a better creative director.
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How My Kids Make Me a Better Creative Director (Even Though They Don’t Know It)
I've realized that every part of being a mom makes me a better creative director.
4 minutes READ

I've realized that every part of being a mom makes me a better creative director. If I'm being completely honest my biggest ambition in life was to be a mom, not win awards, shatter the glass ceiling or climb the proverbial ladder. When I started my career I wasn't sure how the two would overlap. Now, after almost a decade of juggling both, I know that each calling refines the other.

  1. Multitasking Mastery: In my world, TeamSnap, GroupMes, school emails —you name it — all clamoring for my attention. Juggling motherhood’s demands, from managing schedules to attending to various needs, has honed my multitasking abilities. In the fast-paced environment of advertising, where deadlines loom large and projects overlap, efficient multitasking is invaluable. Whether overseeing multiple projects or coordinating across departments, I navigate the intricacies of my workload with ease, thanks to skills cultivated through motherhood.
  2. Empathy and Understanding: One of the most humbling lessons of motherhood is assuming your second kid will be like the first . Jokes on us. Every soul on this earth is different. Parenthood fosters deep empathy and understanding toward others' perspectives and experiences. As a mom, I've developed a heightened sensitivity to emotions and nuances. Knowing what makes our audience tick — their needs, desires, pain points — helps me create campaigns that really resonate on a profound level. Trust is built differently for thinkers and feelers, and our audience is a mix.
  3. Unleashed Creativity: Kids have this amazing ability to see the world without any limits. Like when I asked my middle kid what watermelon tastes like, and he said, “pigs on a trampoline.” Wild, right? He is untethered. My kids’ magic and curiosity rub off on me, sparking creativity in ways you wouldn't expect, fueling my imagination and inspiring fresh ideas. In advertising, that type of thinking creates makes way for storytelling, visually stunning campaigns and innovative strategies that grab attention and drive results.
  4. Time Management and Prioritization: “Mom? Mom! MOMMMMM!?!?!” From school drop-offs and extracurricular activities to household chores and quality family time, every minute counts. In the ad world where deadlines wait for no one, those time management skills are gold. I tackle each task with focus, prioritizing deadlines, importance and resources. Because in the end, it's all about delivering quality work on time.
  5. Resilience and Adaptability: Let's face it —as a parent, some days you're on top of the world; others you live a lifetime before breakfast. But motherhood teaches resilience and adaptability in the face of anything life throws your way. In an industry where trends change and challenges pop up unexpectedly, that resilience is key. Change is an opportunity for growth, pivoting quickly and confidently in response to shifting priorities and market dynamics only makes me better.
  6. Effective Communication: Motherhood teaches you that everyone hears the same story differently. So, sharpening those communication skills — clarity, patience and active listening — is key, whether you're explaining complex concepts to a curious kid or collaborating with your team. These communication skills help facilitate seamless collaboration, ensuring ideas are conveyed clearly, feedback is received constructively and goals are aligned cohesively.

Being a mom has shaped me as a creative director, giving me an invaluable skills, insights, and perspectives that make me better at what I do. Sure, not every day is it easy, but it is worthwhile and meaningful.

The benefit isn’t just one-way; it’s reciprocal. My role as a creative director has helped me approach parenting differently. I understand that out-of-the-box ideas may be my biggest mechanism for change and that finding a solution to a problem isn’t the end; you have to keep learning. I get to dive into data about behaviors and mindsets, helping me understand where we are as a culture and what challenges my kids are up against. And perhaps most impactful is that I work alongside incredible, smart people who refine and encourage me. As I continue navigating the Venn diagram of motherhood and advertising, I'm excited to embrace the opportunities for growth, learning and innovation that each role brings.

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