Express Personnel Services – Circle of Excellence

Circle of ExcellenceExpress Yourself: Express Personnel Services is an Oklahoma City-based staffing firm with approximately $1 billion in annual sales and more than 400 franchisees worldwide.

Circle the Wagons: To boost sales and promote customer service, Express developed an elite award designed to motivate franchise operators. Known as the Circle of Excellence, it represented the highest level of recognition bestowed upon franchisees.

VI was tasked with developing an internal direct mail campaign to help franchisees earn this prestigious award. The challenges were obvious from the very beginning.

You’ve Got (Lots and Lots) of Mail: For starters, the company already offered numerous programs to help branch offices generate sales. But convincing busy franchisees to utilize the systems, promotions and procedures at their disposal was no easy task. Franchisees viewed corporate promotions as cumbersome and time-consuming. To compound the problem, they felt inundated by a flood of corporate mailings designed to improve their business performance.

Clutter Cutter: To increase the proportion of franchisees recognized in the Circle of Excellence, we needed to drive the adoption of proven, existing sales techniques. And our mailings had to stand out from the clutter of the company’s own internal correspondences. With these objectives in mind, we developed an innovative, eye-catching direct mail campaign designed to engage franchisees.

Conventional Wisdom: To increase awareness and acceptance of our efforts, we launched at Express Personnel’s annual convention. At this highly anticipated and well-attended venue, we sold franchisees on the idea that our branded materials would help take their sales to the next level. Throughout the year, we leveraged e-mails, posters, videos and the company’s internal Extranet as part of an integrated campaign.

Coming Full Circle: After a year of crisp, effective communications, franchise performance improved company-wide. Circle of Excellence qualifiers increased an astonishing 15%. With a modest $100,000 budget, we helped a billion-dollar company move the needle and improve franchisee relations. We’re proud of our work with Express Personnel. And we’re excited about creating strategically oriented campaigns in the years to come.