Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust/Oklahoma State Department of Health – 5320

Secondhand SmokeOklahoma Isn’t Average: If Oklahoma simply met the average in national health indicators, 5,320 fewer Oklahomans would die per year. Our client, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH), asked us to help them bring awareness to this issue. With help from private organizations, citizens and the Oklahoma Legislature, we knew we could improve the health of Oklahomans.

Public health is a social issue most effectively addressed through social marketing, a model employed by public health organizations throughout the world. It has been used to address seatbelt issues, tobacco use, flu shots and other public health concerns. Its goal it to achieve four
measurable objectives: 1) Bring awareness to an issue 2) Influence attitudes and beliefs 3) Affect behaviors 4) Change social norms.

We needed to make the public aware that people were literally dying because Oklahomans don’t do some very simple things. If we could do that, then they could generate support for public action, such as putting Physical Education classes back into junior high schools, eliminating fast food from school cafeterias and prohibiting tobacco use in public places.

What is 5320?: Ultimately, we decided that if we could create a sense of mystery and intrigue around the number 5320 itself, people would seek out information. This kind of teaser campaign would allow us to use social media, digital media and guerilla tactics that could be executed simply and cost-effectively.

Executing a statewide guerilla campaign was a monumental challenge. But we had one thing going for us – a large group of community health partners throughout the state. So, we developed hundreds of ideas. Some we could execute as an agency. Others required assistance from corporate and community partners.

Anything to Get Attention: With a small budget of $500,000 for this statewide campaign, we had to get creative. We started by utilizing traditional media in nontraditional ways. This included tactics like four-second TV adlets, radio liners featuring 5320 in well-known sayings and movie quotes, radio DJs using 5320 in their daily banter and innovative digital tactics such as roadblocks and page takeovers – the first ever use of these tactics in Oklahoma.

We promoted the campaign through sidewalk chalk, stickers on fruit in grocery stores, snow graffiti in high-traffic areas, coasters in bars and restaurants, post-it notes on pizza boxes, tray liners and product stickers at Burger King, and many more.

To keep things interesting on social sites, we posted various guerilla executions and paid media materials. This resulted in a number of stories in print, online and television outlets. Our branded properties (Facebook, Twitter, website, etc.) repurposed the media stories, and the publicity snowballed. Everyone from civic leaders to elementary students wanted to know what 5320 meant. We truly created a phenomenon with this campaign.

5320 is considered the most innovative and successful public service campaign ever run in Oklahoma. In total, it generated:
• 27 million impressions from non-traditional tactics

• Over 125 print news stories

• TV coverage of teaser and launch by all but one TV station in Oklahoma

• 400 Twitter followers and 900 Facebook likes during teaser phase of the campaign