TSET: Shape Your Future

Shape Your Future (SYF) is the nutrition and fitness public education brand that encourages Oklahomans to eat better, move more and be tobacco free. Extensive research was conducted into the health knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of Oklahomans as well as how they respond to different types of health marketing. As a result of this research, a new campaign was developed with a specific emphasis on eating more fruits and vegetables and becoming more physically active.

The Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) has established “health holidays” like Walk/Bike to School Week and Fruits and Veggies More Matters Month to promote healthy lifestyles.

The objective of the campaign is to increase the number of Oklahomans willing to eat better and move more by 1.5% by 2015. These percentages are measured by CDC Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS).

Establish health holidays like "Walk/Bike to School Week" and "Fruits and Veggies More Matters Month" to promote healthy lifestyles.

The statewide SYF campaign utilizes traditional and non-traditional mediums including television, radio liners, print ads, outdoor, social media and digital ads as well as a branded website, www.ShapeYourFutureOK.com. Additional tactics include an Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA) sponsorship activation and KOCO-TV (ABC) statewide tour tie-ins. The specific message is to encourage 30 minutes of activity a day and to fill half one’s plate with fruits and vegetables. We defined our target as Oklahomans, ages 18-54. The campaign is focused on mothers and other family food preparers, especially those within lower socioeconomic households. Flyers promoting healthy food preparation and collateral items such as jump ropes, resistance bands and water bottles have also been used to leverage the brand.

In June 2013, a preliminary media tracking survey was conducted to gauge campaign recall, recognition and awareness.

  • 34.2% of women aged 18-54 reported exposure to the campaign.
  • Beyond mere exposure, 53% of them said the SYF ads made them want to be more physically active, while 47.5% felt encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • All in all, almost 60% of all Oklahomans approve and appreciate the SYF message.