TSET: Shape Your Future Healthy Habits Campaign


Oklahoma was well on its way to being the unhealthiest state in the nation. Oklahoma has not only one of the highest childhood obesity rates, but also the sixth-highest adult obesity rate in the nation. Lifestyles and behaviors such as low physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption, along with a high prevalence of smoking and obesity, contribute to most of the state’s leading causes of death.

The Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) works 
to increase the health of Oklahomans by encouraging everyone to eat better, move more and be tobacco free.
 As part of that mission, TSET launched the Shape Your Future (SYF) campaign in 2011, encouraging Oklahomans to make the healthy choice the easy choice. As an extension of the SYF campaign, TSET needed to find a way to help children and their families realize that a healthy lifestyle was attainable.


  • Simplify healthy behavior changes to two key messages: 1. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, 2. Kids should move 60 minutes each day
  • Increase awareness of the SYF campaign


Research has shown that moms and primary caregivers influence the habits of others in the household, so reaching this target audience was key. The strategy involved creating animated characters that encouraged parents to implement the two key messages of the campaign. The creative highlighted these characters that supported parents as they were encouraging healthy behaviors in their kids and brought our two key messages to parents in simple, fun and clever ways.


  • 41% of Oklahomans agreed or strongly agreed that the Shape Your Future campaign messages gave them new information.
  • Significantly more respondents with a low income agreed or strongly agreed that the ads gave them new information versus respondents with a higher income.
  • Overall, 39% agreed or strongly agreed that the Shape Your Future campaign messages helped them to make healthier decisions.
  • Respondents who were exposed to SYF ads were significantly more likely to strongly agree with statements that demonstrated knowledge and a healthy attitude about nutrition than unexposed respondents.


VI Marketing and Branding has been the TSET Media Services partner since 2007. Created by voters in 2000, TSET is an endowment trust established with payments from the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) between 46 states and the tobacco industry. Funds are invested by a Board of Investors and only the earnings from those investments are used by a Board of Directors to support efforts to improve the health of Oklahomans.

Customized health communication interventions are proven to be one of the most effective strategies for reducing tobacco use and promoting healthy behaviors in a population. Sometimes referred to as ‘advertising,’ these interventions are programmatic efforts designed to improve the knowledge, attitudes and healthy behaviors of specific, targeted audiences over time. Health communication interventions consist of researched, tested and evaluated public health-focused marketing campaigns with coordinated elements for earned, paid and owned content.

The goal of TSET’s investments in health communication interventions is to reduce the leading causes of preventable death in our state – cancer and cardiovascular disease – by preventing and reducing the two main risk factors – obesity and tobacco use. Through rigorous evaluation, TSET health communication interventions – Tobacco Stops With Me, Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline and Shape Your Future – are proven to increase healthy lifestyle choices by Oklahomans.