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Tim Berney


Family man. Reader. Thinker. Motivator. Founder. President. Owner. New Business. Dry humor. Dry red wine.
Suits. Ties. Soccer coach. Information junkie. OU. Connector.

Steve Sturges

Steve Sturges Partner Creative Director Main Photo Oklahoma City

Family man. Doer. Poet. Blunt. Challenging. Creative Director. Owner. Explorer. Leader. Motivator. Jeans. Tea junkie.
Beach. Workout. Story-first. Inspiration. OU. Faithful.

Judi Startzman


Mother. Wife. Strategist. Glue. Friendly. Intuitive. Carol Brady. Shark. Supervisor. VP.
Leader. Curious. Kind. Courageous. Listener. Communicator.

Steven Schwartz

Steven Schwartz Vice President Director of Operations Thumbnail

Father. Husband. Operations guru. Technology. Considerate. Smart. Leader. VP. Process building.
Hands-on. Go-to. Dependable. Bone fishing. Motivated. Funny.

Jacquelyn LaMar


Leader. New Business. Maven. Marketing Director. Blunt. Uncompromising.
Friendly. Shoes. Style. Engaging. Win-you-over. Smart.

Kregg Lee


Family man. Illustrator. Artist. Creative leader. Brilliant. Spontaneous. Boxer.
Musician. Friend. Mentor. Generous. Experienced.

Larry McAlister

Larry McAlister Public Relations Director Oklahoma City New

PR. National brands. Experienced. Music lover. Funny. Shoes without socks. The “Otter”. Leader. Director.
Stylish. Connector. KU basketball. OU football.

Renée Harriman


Wife. Kind. Media. Leader. Negotiator. Funny. Brilliant. Style. Friendly.
Gets-it. Added-value. Clever. Unafraid.

Rachel Merritt


Wife. Travel. Coffee. Community. Renovator. Achiever. Relator. Friend of dogs. Social marketer.

Hayley Cacioppo


Family. Upbeat. Perceptive. Inspired. Committed. Focused. Results-driven. Witty. Smart. Compassionate. Leader. Action-oriented. Adaptable.