I want to be on TV!

"Is Traditional Advertising Dead?” This was the topic of discussion at a recent ad industry luncheon where I was a panelist along with three other agency media directors. We were asked to discuss our opinions and rationale on a series of predetermined industry questions/quotes. As soon as the discussion commenced, it was immediately apparent to me that the panelist's principles and opinions were very dissimilar to mine.

To answer the question above: No, traditional advertising is absolutely not dead. It’s the traditional approach that is dead. It’s all about engagement and conversion. I’m surprised this isn’t common knowledge by now. Our goal as marketers at VI is to create personal, interactive, intuitive and trackable two-way conversations between our clients and their target audiences. I am continually baffled every time I’m asked to speak at one of these events at how truly antiquated local marketers and business owners are regarding their advertising/marketing initiatives. It’s always……”I have a new showroom. I want to be on TV” or “I need to promote attendance to my big event next month. I want to be on social media”. I just want to scream , wait a minute!! Let’s take a step back and assess the situation. Everyone wants to jump to tactics and execution far too prematurely. I realize you’re opening a new showroom but what are you trying to achieve? More foot traffic…increased website traffic….growing your database? Before you do anything, it’s imperative that you establish clearly defined objectives. You have to establish obtainable success metrics for your campaign before anything else. Once those objectives are determined, then it’s time to develop your strategy. What’s your plan of action to reach your objective(s)? Lastly, how are you going to execute this strategy or plan of action? NOW, it’s time to discuss the tactics. Tactics, which could consist of a mix of paid media, social media and SEO to execute your marketing plan.

It also, concerns me that that marketing professionals are still lumping social, paid and SEO together as if it is one “digital” tactic. At the agency level, one person (typically the newest college grad) is tasked with managing their client’s social platforms, PPC (pay per click) campaigns, SEO (search engine optimization) AND their paid digital media efforts (display, video, mobile). That is an enormous task and completely unobtainable. At VI, we have completely separate departments dedicated to each digital expertise: paid digital media (PPC and display), social media and SEO. . Each digital tactic, if used correctly, should help execute a strategy in order to achieve an objective. Digital allows us to track ROI therefore showing actual tangible results.

Get up to speed OKC! Let’s recap. Traditional media is not dead, but the approach is. Don’t forget to develop your marketing plan! Set clearly defined goals/objectives. Develop effective strategies and THEN talk media options to execute your marketing plan. Also, know the differences between digital media tactics. They…are…not…the….same.

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